Aircraft Flight Control Aircraft Flight Dynamics Aircraft Flight Mechanics Control Theory


Flight Dynamics

Flight dynamics - aircrafts flying

The Flight Dynamics course allows the student to know the dynamic behavior of an aircraft in flight. In the course, the basic concepts of dynamics, aerodynamics and propulsion are applied to obtain a mathematical model that allows understanding the movement of an aircraft in different flight maneuvers. The necessary tools to simulate the flight of a fixed-wing aircraft and analyze its static and dynamic behavior are studied from the mathematical model focusing on the concepts of static stability, dynamic stability and the control capabilities of a fixed-wing aircraft. The use of computational tools for all analyzes is emphasized.

Automatic Flight Control

Closed loop flight control block diagram

This course aims to introduce the fundamental concepts of control theory applied to aircraft control. With these concepts, the student will be able to understand the operation of autopilot systems and stability augmentation systems in aircraft. The course covers the fundamentals of linear time invariant continuous time systems and some analysis tools in the time domain and in the frequency domain. All these fundamentals are used to introduce the theory of control applied to systems in general and then to the flight control of aircraft in particular.

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